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Graduate Students

We are looking for GS who are interested in biopharmaceutical development. The GS researchers will develop novel molecular / cellular approaches on biologics discovery and optimization. The indications we currently work on include cancer metastasis, neuropathic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, snake envenomation, etc. Through collaborations, this unique opportunity allows working at interface between molecular medicine and disease biology. In addition, it will bridge academic experience with industrial research and commercialization opportunities.

As a regular member of MD Anderson – UT Health Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), and a participating faculty in the Therapeutics and Pharmacology (TAP) program, our lab is seeking both MS and PhD students. If interested, prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Ge and apply GSBS. GSBS Faculty Page

Postdoc and Research Scientist

Supported by federal and state grants and endowment funds, we have openings for postdoc and research scientist / associate to work on biopharmaceutical development. PI has sincere interests in and a strong record on supporting researchers at every stage of their career developments (see Trainee Awards and Lab Alumni). If interested, please contact Dr. Ge at<at> 

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