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News Highlights


Turning therapeutic antibodies inside-out to fight cancer

Taking inspiration from camels and llamas, a UCR team flipped the active site of human antibodies to target tumor-promoting matrix metalloproteinases.

Camels and Llamas Provide Inspiration in the Fight Against Cancer

With their expressive faces and unusually shaped bodies, mammals within the camelid family—including camels, llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos—are not the first groups of animals that typically come to mind when people think about cancer research. 

Releviate Therapeutics Inks Exclusive License for Human Monoclonal Antibodies for Chronic Pain Indications

Therapies Based on Extensive Neuropathic Pain Research Conducted at UC Riverside and Duke University Target Chronic Pain at Its Source: Matrix Metalloproteinases


Engineering a Biomedical Career

After a decade teaching chemical engineering, a new Institute of Molecular Medicine recruit decided to dedicated 100 percent of his effort to a new professional challenge – biomedical research.

Trainee Awards

03/2024, Zening, Affiliated Postdoctoral Fellow, BIG-TCR Training Program in Cancer Research, UTHealth.

07/2023, Ki Baek, Travel award for top postdoctoral poster, Annual IMM Research Retreat, UTHealth.

10/2022, Zening wins 1st prize on poster competition, Therapeutic & Pharmacology (TAP) Program, GSBS. 

07/2022, Ki Baek wins Cancer Therapeutics Training Program (CTTP) postdoc followship supported by CPRIT.

12/2021, PhD student Zening Wang wins Poster Award, Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2021.

05/2019, Ki Baek wins Dissertation Year Program Fellowship. Congratulations!

10/2018, Ki Baek wins a highly competitive fellowship supported by Mogam Science Scholarship Foundation.

04/2018, Tyler receives Dissertation Year Program Fellowship. Congratulations! 

02/2018, Zachary Dunn wins Undergraduate Education Minigrant. 

11/2017, Ki Baek and Tyler win Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Research Grant. Congratulations to you both!

08/2017, Tyler wins PepTalk Student Fellowship.

05/2017, Tyler wins Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship. Congratulations! 

06/2016, UG Aaron Ramirez wins Sophomore STEM Success Award. Good job!

04/2016, Carlos wins Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research (two seniors per year)

10/2015, UG Ramon Sanchez wins HSI Undergraduate Research Award.

04/2015, Carlos wins HSI Undergraduate Research Award.

01/2015, Undergraduate Humberto Scott Sanchez wins HSI Undergraduate Research award. Congrats, Scott!

07/2014, PhD student Tyler Lopez wins DoEd Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowship.

04/2014, Peter wins prestigious Dissertation Year Program Fellowship! 

02/2014, Peter wins highly competitive Graduate Dean's Dissertation Research Grant. Congratulations! 

01/2014, Carlos wins NASA California Space Grant Consortium Fellowship. Congratulations!

11/2013, Peter wins Earl C. Anthony Travel Award.

01/2013, Undergraduate Carlos Rodriguez wins HSI Undergraduate Research award. Congratulations, Carlos!

09/2012, PhD student Peter Nam wins the best presentation award in departmental symposium. Well done, Peter.

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